The most precious gift.

This is the moment when each person regains harmony with their own self and enjoys the benefits of the treatments that have just started. Water, heat and vapour are the basics when it comes to wellness; however, our body needs something else: rest.

The importance of relaxation areas at a wellness centre are often underestimated; in order to make the most of the benefits, the centre must also have an environment where the guests can relax.
It is here, then, that the design of interior spaces, lights, sounds and fragrances plays a key role.

Sanae Wellness d’Autore considers the relaxation area extremely important: warm and relaxing rooms with diffused lighting, sounds, chaise-longue, hanging and water beds, the beneficial properties of aromatic essences, the purifying power of salt and the relaxing power of stone pine are the elements that lead one to listen to tales of the heart and find peace of the soul.