Who we are

Sanae Wellness d’Autore was established in the year 2000 thanks to the passion and experience of Giampiero Zanoner, its founder. Respect for people, love for the local territory and a longstanding experience as an artisan are the values that, over the years, have allowed Sanae Wellness d’Autore to grow and make the most of its roots:
the Val di Fassa and the Trentino region.

Where the Dolomites touch the clouds and the wind carries the legends of King Laurin, designers and architects draw inspiration in order to create all kinds of Wellness Centres, in both public and private facilities.

From the concept to the architectural design, from the idea to its development, we preserve the designer’s identity, its imprint remains visible, combining highly technological solutions and natural materials in a work process always tied to artisanship.

Thanks to an initial thorough analysis of the needs, expert artisans, sons of this land, use their skilful hands to create one-of-a-kind cabins and installations, real works of art. This is our Wellness d’Autore.

The years of experience in the Wellness sector, the partnership with professional and innovative designers and respect for Nature allow us to develop all kinds of wellness centres.

Sanae’s strength lies in the efficiency and functionality of the product, which is designed to meet the customer’s needs and is shaped thanks to our experience. Practical and suitable solutions and, starting from the assumption that a wellness centre should not only be emotional but, above all, functional, we translate your needs into practical, modern and efficient solutions.